Sergey Nikolaev, photographer of the newspaper "Today".

About this on his page in Facebook wrote Cyborgs-2015 - art-project about heroes of our time.

Sergey has visited on business trips to many countries around the world, where there were armed conflicts: Somalia, Libya, Georgia, Iran, etc. the Latest hot spot for him was the trip to the Donbass, in which he made a report for the native newspaper and collected the materials for his future exhibitions.

A true patriot of his country, a true professional of his craft, fearless man. Next to our soldiers was the most brutal battles, they find themselves in the hottest spots.

In journalistic circles because of the similarity of Sergei called Che Guevara.

The most precious thing that can be human is life. Sergii's life was tragically cut short on February 28 in the Sands near Donetsk airport. Enemy mine exploded just a few metres from the group of journalists.

Sergey was 43 years. He left a 20-year-old daughter.

For significant contribution to development of domestic journalism, long-term honest work and professional skills by presidential decree of Ukraine from June 5, 2015 Sergey Nikolaev was awarded the order "For merits" III degree (posthumously).

June 4, 2015 Sergey Nikolaev was awarded the title of "national Hero of Ukraine" and was awarded the first non - state award-the order of "national Hero of Ukraine (posthumously).

Glory To The Hero!

Memory eternal Hero!

Source: Facebook "CBarge - 2015" / Cyborgs - 2015

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